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All West Communications Gets Back Into The Groove

Kemmerer Phase II Fiber expansion plans for 2021

Kemmerer Phase II Fiber expansion plans for 2021

Keep an eye out for All West Communications construction crews because they’re back and getting into their Spring groove. Construction teams broke ground on Phase II of their fiber expansion in April, and businesses and residents of Kemmerer will soon be able to get speeds up to 1 Gig.

Due to permitting limitations, All West will only be expanding into Kemmerer for Phase II and will continue into Diamondville in 2022. This project will continue to span over several phases and several years. This year’s phase will include the following streets:

1st Street

Antelope Court

2nd Street

Antelope St.

4th W Avenue

Beech Ave.

5th W Avenue

Burke St.

9th West Avenue

Garnet Street (7th W Ave to Sorensen Dr)

Basin Dr.

Keane St.

Berry Dr.

Lincoln Heights Dr.

Canyon Rd. (Antelope Street to Dell Rio Dr.)

McGovern Ave.

Coral | Central Ave. | Fossil Dr.

Moose St.

Dell Rio Dr.

Onyx St. ( Ash Ave. to Sage Ave.)

Holland Dr

Opal St. (Post Pl to Beech Ave.)

Nation's Dr.

Park Dr.

North St. Pass Ct.

Post Pl

Ridgemont Place

Sage Ave.

Rolling Hills Dr.

Sapphire Ct.

South St. Pass Ct.

Sorensen Drive

Sun Light Dr.

Topaz Ct.

Troy Ct.

Uinta Drive

3rd W Ave ( Elk Street to Sapphire Ct.)

Walnut St.

3rd W Avenue (Elk St to 2nd St)

Services will be available starting in June. For the latest construction updates, visit

To ensure you are on the list to receive internet service and FREE INSTALLATION (a $200+ value) when we pass your home, contact our Customer Service team at 877.265.4879 by September 30, 2020 to sign-up.*

 We look forward to serving you.

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