Fiber Comes to Hideout, Utah

bringing internet speeds up to 1 Gig, a streaming TV platform and digital phone service All West Communications is ...

bringing internet speeds up to 1 Gig, a streaming TV platform and digital phone service

All West Communications is thrilled to announce the launch of lightning-fast broadband, a streaming TV service and digital phone solutions—over an all-fiber network—to the residents of Hideout, Utah.

Construction began on July 8, 2019 in the Rustler area of Hideout and will extend to other developments within the town (on both sides of Route 248) this year and next. The current build has included more than 16,700 feet of fiber and duct which will provide services to current and future residents of the town of Hideout. This is just one of the major buildouts All West invested in this year and we are excited to be expanding our service offerings so close to home.

Internet offerings will include speeds from 100Mbps to up to 1Gig and we’ll also be offering our streaming TV service—All This service includes 100 hours of Cloud DVR, HD channels (as available), restart and replay, and the ability to stream three devices at once. The best part? All is a self-install, app-based platform that does not require a set-top box or additional wiring.

On Monday, September 23 All West brought services to our first customer in Forevermore Estates. In less than three months, micro-trenching more than 3.25 miles of road, laying in fiber and duct work, setting up systems on the backend to providing services to our first customer were all accomplished. A huge success given a project of this size typically takes twice as long.  All West will continue connecting as many customers as possible before the weather makes it impossible to do so.

Matthew Weller, President of All West Communications, stated; “The cooperation of Mayor Rubin and his staff have made our ability to provide services a reality. We are very pleased to offer broadband services to the town of Hideout and we are committed to expanding services to new developments in the town, namely Soaring Hawk, Deer Waters, Klaim and Shoreline.”

All West Communications believes in delivering the best possible services to our communities—and investing in all-fiber networks is one way we do this. Fiber provides the ability to offer faster speeds and a more reliable, stable network, compared to wireless or satellite options. As a local company, we treat our customers like more than just a number. Our office in Kamas, just eight minutes from Hideout,  welcomes customers in person, over the phone or via email correspondence.

We look forward to partnering with you for your telecommunication needs.

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