The Evolution of TV And Our 3 Predictions for the Future

The evolution of technology is always in forward motion. Over the years, we’ve seen devices get slimmer and smarter, ...

The evolution of technology is always in forward motion. Over the years, we’ve seen devices get slimmer and smarter, and the way we consume entertainment has also progressed from cable TV to on demand app-based streaming. We are even seeing changes in movie theaters now that you can watch movies released in theaters from the comfort of your couch. So, what does the future of TV look like, and how will this impact your entertainment experience?

Adorable family watching tv in the living room

Pretty casual worker using oculus rift in her officeVirtual Reality

Do you remember when 3D movies came out, and everyone got to wear those funky red and blue lensed glasses? Well, we predict those glasses will get an upgrade to virtual reality goggles where viewers will be able to have a “360° in-person” experience.

Choose Your StorylineRelaxed young  couple watching tv at home in bright living room

TV is becoming more customizable and personalized to bring viewers a superior entertainment experience. We think this customization will trickle into the storyline of the content we watch to where the viewer gets to choose options that alter the storyline and plot. We are already starting to see Netflix explore this, and we predict to see a lot more of it in the future.

Confident male designer working on a digital tablet in red creative office spaceTV Shopping

Have you ever liked an outfit or product on TV and wondered how you could get it? We predict viewers will soon be able to shop directly from the content they watch. No more scouring the internet or playing detective for the things you want. Your TV will become an online market for clothing, kitchen gadgets, and everything in between.

What does this mean for you?

If any of our predictions come true, they will require more bandwidth and advanced internet support to accommodate this new viewing experience. Our team is already making changes to adapt and progress with the future. We are opening up more bandwidth, increasing our speed, and learning about tools to make your experience seamless. No matter what the future holds, you can count on All West to provide fast and reliable services for all of your entertainment needs.

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