What are Wi-Fi Dead Spots and How to Fix Them

They say, “home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically,” but what about when it doesn’t? Are there spots in your ...

They say, “home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically,” but what about when it doesn’t? Are there spots in your home where you’re able to connect but you are unable to connect just a few feet away or in the next room? What about when your Wi-Fi keeps dropping in and out, or doesn’t connect at all? Nothing is more frustrating than when you need a good internet signal but can’t get one. You need access to Wi-Fi throughout your whole home, so learn more about Wi-Fi dead spots and how to fix them.

What are Wi-Fi Dead Spots?

A dead spot, also referred to as a dead zone, is an area in your home where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach or isn’t strong. They’re places that are supposed to get Wi-Fi but for some reason, don’t. Dead spots can happen for many different reasons. It’s typically because something has interrupted the signal before it has the chance to reach your device. Interference, obstructions or trying to stretch the signal over too big of an area can create dead spots. For example, if your router is on the main floor and you're trying to connect from a bedroom on the second floor, your connection might be weak - if you can connect at all. Thick walls, appliances, metal objects and other Wi-Fi-connected devices can interfere with your signal and cause dead spots.

How to Fix Dead Spots in Your Connection

Dead spots are not too hard to troubleshoot and fix. To locate them, we suggest walking around with a connected device (like your phone or laptop) and monitoring the signal. When the signal drops low or disconnects completely, you’ve located a dead zone.

There are a few simple things you can do to fix your connection. First, you can move your router. With your router being the hub of your wireless connection, this simple fix can ensure that your signal stays uninterrupted and travels as far as possible. Second, use a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extenders carry your signal to areas where your router can’t reach. If you use Plume routers, additional pods can be rented to help boost your signal. If those methods don’t help, you might need a speed and router upgrade. Upgrade your router to Plume to help your whole home get the best Wi-Fi signal you can. In order to meet the demands of your connected devices, you can also eliminate dead zones by choosing a faster internet plan.

By taking these easy steps to end frustrating Wi-Fi dead spots, you can make sure your wireless connection reaches every corner of your home. If they don’t resolve your internet connection, give us a call at 866-255-9378 or stop by any of our offices.

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