Raising The Bar

All West is Raising The Bar

How we’re making your All West services better.

How we’re making your All West services better.

Everyone deserves access to fast and reliable telecommunication services; this includes Sweetwater County, which is why All West is raising the bar on its services. The telecommunications company acquired Sweetwater Cable back in 2017 and since then, it has been working hard to make updates on its Coax network investing in over 2 million dollars to make improvements.

Tripling Our Capacity

At the beginning of August, All West discontinued its Traditional TV platform, which had become unreliable and more challenging to fix. By making this change, not only was All West able to offer a better TV experience on its streaming TV platform, All West.tv, but by converting the channels previously providing TV service into internet channels, we are able to triple the capacity to our customers, making speeds more reliable and gig capable.

Preventative Network Maintenance

Instead of being reactive to network issues, All West is focusing on being proactive in fixing potential Coax network issues. This spring, All West invested in a new technology that allows them to monitor the natural wear and tear on coaxial cables to make updates before problems occur.  

Increasing Reliability And Redundancy

All West is committed to bringing a service that is worry-free for its customers. This includes minimizing outages and having backup systems in place, so if services do go down, it brings minimal impact to their customers. A piece of these preventative measures include adding more nodes to our network, so the network load is not overbearing on equipment. All West is also putting in a backup system so we can resolve issues from any of our locations. This will minimize travel time to resolve outages and allow us to get services back up and running quickly.

For more information about All West and how we’re raising the bar on our services, please visit info.allwest.com/promo.

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