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Do you know how we determine the TV channels we offer and our pricing? At All West, our customers come first. We do ...

Do you know how we determine the TV channels we offer and our pricing? At All West, our customers come first. We do everything we can to bring you the best TV services possible. That’s why we believe in keeping you informed on what goes into bringing you these services. At All West we go to work for you to bring you the best TV entertainment. Because the TV landscape is always changing, we aim to be transparent as channels and pricing change for our customers.

As your local TV provider, we’ve partnered with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) to represent us when it’s time to negotiate with the corporations that own the channels you love. When we’re in network disputes or have channel blackouts, TVOnMySide can help keep you up-to-date on what’s going on. TVOnMySide is a group effort of over 700 local, independent TV providers just like us. Being able to partner with an organization like NCTC gives us more negotiating power to provide our customers with quality TV programming at competitive prices.

When we are in disputes, and at risk of losing programming, the most important thing to us is to effectively communicate it with our customers. TVOnMySide is here to help us with that. We are constantly negotiating with networks to keep the channels you love. Negotiations happen when a network or station demands a significant increase in its monthly fees for us to continue to offer it. We aim to protect you from excessive price increases on your TV services, which is why we go to bat for you. Disputes happen when we, as a provider, can’t agree on what we should be paying for the rights to keep a channel. When this happens, your channel line-up and pricing might change as our contracts change.

We will always keep you informed about what changes are being made with your channels and your All pricing. When you visit, you can read all about our negotiations. The TVOnMySide website offers positive resources to keep our customers educated on how we work to provide quality TV services. Resources on the website include local and national dispute updates, innovative tools to find ways to watch your favorite shows on impacted networks and educational pages on issues like retransmission, sports, streaming and other topics.

We are on your side and believe in keeping you in the know about your service. Visit TVOnMySide and enter your zip code to learn more.

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