5 Ways Plume Helps You Simplify Your Home

How many Wi-Fi-connected devices do you have in your home? Think of all the phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, game ...

How many Wi-Fi-connected devices do you have in your home? Think of all the phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, game consoles, and smart home devices you have. It’s probably a lot, right? Now think of how easy it is to manage your Wi-Fi network. Can you check to see how many people are connected? Can you assign internet freezes on specific devices? Plume can do all these things and more. When you replace your current router with Plume, you can simplify your home and enjoy easy, managed Wi-Fi.

Simplify your Home with Plume SuperPods and Homepass

Plume is a cloud-based system that provides you with full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it. HomePass, the Plume app, allows you to set up and manage your Wi-Fi network easily. From the app, you’re able to set custom guest access, parental controls, ad-block, AI security, and more. The Plume SuperPods are small and plug straight into the wall, giving you a constant connection with Plume’s cloud data.

The SuperPods aren’t just a normal router. Plume’s unique mesh system utilizes AI to optimize your Wi-Fi and deliver you the best speed and coverage possible. If you’re seeing that you aren’t getting great connectivity in your home, you need a mesh router. Mesh routers join multiple Wi-Fi access points together, which creates a seamless network that provides stronger coverage to your whole home. Plume’s mesh system gives you complete coverage to eliminate dead zones. Because every home is different, Plume takes your home, devices, and data requirements into account so you can enjoy efficient connectivity all the time.

Simplify your Home with Adapt

Plume’s HomePass app allows you to easily manage your Wi-Fi network at home or on the go. The first feature of HomePass is Adapt. Adapt provides you with automatic network optimization. The mesh system provides consistent speed and coverage with Wi-Fi that adjusts to you and your habits. Every home and family has different needs when it comes to their connection. That’s why Plume utilizes AI to learn where and when you need Wi-Fi the most.

Unlike other routers, Plume is constantly monitoring and learning your internet usage and needs. HomePass can automatically detect your connected devices and give them the capacity they need. For homes with more than one SuperPod connected, the additional pods help spread their signal and manage their connected devices. This prevents the router from getting bogged down from having too many devices connected to it.

Simplify your Home with Control

The second feature of HomePass is Control. Plume HomePass gives you complete control of your network. Control ensures that all devices on your home network can be seen, so you’ll never be surprised by unknown devices. You can create user profiles for each member of your family and then assign specific devices connected to the network to those profiles. This allows you to manage users, devices, and internet access easily.

Control allows you to take full control of your home’s Wi-Fi with many intuitive tools, such as parental controls, internet freezes, and more. Parental controls allow you to filter content to keep your family safe online. You can set internet freezes for specific times of day, indefinitely, or for custom time-outs on any profile or device. User restrictions for age- and rating-based content filtering is also available. With guest access, you can create and share custom Wi-Fi passwords, grant guest access to certain devices and manage how long they can be connected. Forget the days of wondering who’s connected to your network or using your devices.

Simplify your Home with Guard

The third feature of HomePass is Guard. Secure and monitor your Wi-Fi all in one spot. Guard provides best-in-class security powered by AI to keep your devices protected from cyber threats. With Guard, you get online protection, advanced IoT protection, and adblocking. This added layer of security ensures your family’s online experience is always safe.

Plume filters out content when your devices are connected to the internet. This includes detecting and blocking viruses, phishing attempts, malware, ransomware, and more. Guard also identifies your Internet of Things (IoT) smart home devices and monitors them for suspicious activity. Smart devices, such as thermostats, speakers, doorbells, cameras, and more, need to be properly protected to prevent hacking and malware. Compromised devices are put into quarantine to prevent the threat from spreading. You can enjoy secure and reliable internet while being protected from online threats because Plume has your back.

Simplify your Home with Sense

The fourth and final feature of HomePass is Sense. Sense gives you whole-home motion awareness for peace of mind. Instead of having to buy new smart home devices to monitor your home, simplify your home and use devices you already have. Plume HomePass allows you to turn your existing devices into motion sensors. Your wireless devices can detect movement in your home based on Wi-Fi signals. You’ll be alerted to motion through the HomePass app. This can help give you peace of mind and privacy in your home without having to buy any new smart home devices.

On the app, you can see a live view of motion detection. You can also adjust your settings to receive push notifications when motion takes place, so you can keep up-to-date on what’s going on at home, even when you aren’t there. Motion history is also available to review for the current day and the last seven days. Sense can be easily customized to fit your home’s needs, including settings for pet mode, motion sensitivity, alert frequency, and what devices you want to use as stational devices.

Plume makes it simple to maintain all the connected devices at home. With its flexibility, unique features, and cloud-powered technology, Plume will adapt to you and your home’s needs. All West partnered with Plume because we believe in providing the fastest, smartest, and most secure Wi-Fi to the communities we serve. These features and more are available when you use Plume to help manage your home.

For more information about Plume and how it can help simplify your home, visit our website for more information. From now until the end of March 2022, you can make your internet easy with our current deal to get 6 months of FREE Plume! Make the choice to simplify your home with Plume managed Wi-Fi.






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