The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Did you know that more than 4.57 billion people use the internet every day? With the growing popularity and demand for ...

Did you know that more than 4.57 billion people use the internet every day? With the growing popularity and demand for a fast, reliable connection, having smart technology in your home will make your internet safer and easier to use.  This is why we recommend pairing your internet service with Plume, All West’s managed wi-fi network solution.

What is an unmanaged wi-fi network?

An unmanaged wi-fi network is when an individual purchases and sets up their wi-fi network on their own.  This type of network typically has low bandwidth speeds and can only handle a few devices connected to it at any given time. (How to choose the right router for your home)

What is a managed wi-fi network?

A managed wi-fi network allows both the individual and internet provider to view, manage, and troubleshooting an individual’s wireless network. This type of network gives the homeowner more control over their internet with better device management.


What are the benefits of managed wi-fi?

Increased reliability and connectivity in your home

Plume SuperPods use what is called a dual-band system. A dual-band system means your router can simultaneously use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, limiting connection issues and offering more stability. Plume also has built in mesh system, which extends your internet signal to every corner of your home so you never have to worry about moving too far away from your router.

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Device Management

With device management, you know what devices are connected to your network and control how that device uses your internet network, including guest access, parental controls, internet freezes, online security, and more. Plume also makes it easy to know what’s happening on your home network through the Plume app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Safer home with AI Security

The landscape for cybersecurity services for consumers is very focused on anti-virus, but technology has evolved so much that it’s not enough. The average home has so many more types of devices now, and each device has many attack surfaces, so securing the home requires new thinking. Plume uses artificial intelligence to monitor threats across a growing scale with adaptive wi-fi deployments at more than 15 million homes and half a billion devices. It allows Plume to understand device behavior and spot new threats faster.

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Internet Service Provider insight for better troubleshooting

If issues with your internet arise, a managed wi-fi network allows All West to troubleshoot your connection from our offices. This will enable us to fix the issue faster, and you save money because we don’t have to send a technician to your home to troubleshoot your service.

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