Prepare Your Wi-Fi Network for Holiday Guests

Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s, OH MY! ‘Tis the season for holiday visitors. Is your Wi-Fi network ready for ...

Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s, OH MY! ‘Tis the season for holiday visitors. Is your Wi-Fi network ready for family and guests to come to town? By replacing your current router with Plume, you can help protect your network from all the additional guests wanting your Wi-Fi password this holiday season.

Prepare with Guest Passwords

In the Plume HomePass mobile app, you’re able to set passwords specifically for your guests to use. This allows you to give guests their own personal passwords and permissions so you can keep track of each device connected to your network. Make them feel at home by being able to connect to your network while they're visiting. Guest passwords can be assigned a time to expire and shut off. Now you’ll be able to know that all guest devices are booted from your network when it’s time for them to leave.

Prepare with Device Access

Another handy feature for guests to your network is found in the Plume Control settings. You’re able to decide which devices each guest can access, and what devices they cannot. This is a great setting to use if you have smart home devices connected to your network. This setting blocks an attempt to access local devices on your network without your specific permission. You might want to allow access to your SmartTV so a family member can stream videos from their phone, but block access to your baby monitor system.

Prepare with Internet Only Passwords

Worried about what devices your guests are going to connect to your home network? To keep devices from being able to access your home devices at all, create an internet-only password. This is recommended for homes that have smart home devices or work laptops with sensitive information. Devices that have internet-only passwords will be able to only connect to the internet and none of the other connected devices in your home.

Prepare with Guard

Plume offers Guard (AI security) through their HomePass app. With Guard, you’re able to get real-time, intelligent threat protection of your network. Guard provides best-in-class security powered by AI to keep your devices safe and secure, and malware and viruses out. With Guard, you get online protection, advanced IoT protection, and adblocking. This added layer of security ensures your home’s online experience is always safe.

Plume makes it simple to maintain all the connected devices at home, even during the holidays! With its flexibility, unique features, and cloud-powered technology, Plume will adapt to you and your home’s needs, even during the holidays. All West partnered with Plume because we believe in providing the fastest, smartest, and most secure Wi-Fi to the communities we serve. These features and more are available when you use Plume to help manage your home.

As we move into the holidays, not only do you want to protect your networks, but you want to make sure you have enough bandwidth to provide coverage for any new devices you may get. From now through December 31, 2022, take advantage of our current deal to get 300 Mbps (regularly 100 Mbps) for $59.95 or 1 Gig for $79.95 (regularly $89.95), plus free install.




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