Construction Updates (2)

Construction Updates

2021 July Construction Update

Our teams are out in your community doing what they do best; building fiber, connecting customers, and making upgrades to our network.

Construction Updates

2021 June Construction Update

Summer is heating up, BBQ season is in full swing and our construction crews are busy building fiber and updating our network! 

Construction Updates

2021 May Construction Update

Our construction season is in full swing and we couldn't be happier to be growing our network. 

Construction Updates

2021 April Construction Update

April showers bring May flowers or in our case construction season. Our crews have been bringing their equipment to their locations and are ready to...

Construction Updates

2021 March Construction Update

The weather is getting warmer and if it keeps up, we will start construction back up in early April.

Construction Updates

2021 February Construction Update

We have some exciting expansion announcements coming up that we can't wait to share with you, this is the progress we made this February.

Construction Updates

2021 January Update

Like many of you, we are working on our new year’s resolutions, including upgrading our equipment, expanding our fiber network, and growing our team...

Construction Updates

2020 November Monthly Update

This month we have been fortunate to receive additional government funding, so we can bring more broadband opportunities to the rural communities of...

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